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Episode 44: The Future and Decisions

Hey, everybody runs into hard times once in a while, over and over again, no matter what we try to do differently. But you know what will always be there for you? The future–and the Children’s Hour of Knowledge! Join us as we close our eyes and go rushing forward into a better yesterday… tomorrow!

This podcast contains samples from the Free Sound Project by elliottmoo, malexmedia, ngruber, kingsrow, reg7783, vmgraw, StonedB, sandyrb, bone666138, DJ Chronos, Zarkonnen, KingofPampers, northern87, Klerrp (twice), LoafDV, Benboncan, jnr hacksaw, and tmokonen.

Episode 40: The Judicial System and Gaseous Byproducts

There’s plenty of “raps” to “beat” this week, but we’re not talking about hop jams–Bongo and Davey are here to explore the wonders of trial by jury with their very own lives! Be sure to pay attention to hear a spectacular collection of guest puppets, or we’ll hold you in contempt… of my heart!

Featuring a SECRET SURPRISE GUEST who will get his credit next week! This podcast includes samples from the Free Sound Project by odditonic, soundmary, mredig and RutgerMuller.

Episode 23: MYSTERY!

The room is locked! The body has been found! The private eye is on the case, and the pressure’s on to figure out who in the Treehouse Lab… is a MYSTERY!

New to the podcast? Don’t forget to check out the Christmas episode that started all this, not to mention our new Puppet Roll Call page!

Episode 18: Thanksgiving

Pull up a chair and open wide, kids! It’s time to glut yourselves with a steaming hot, proteinaceous, belly-bursting load of… knowledge!