About the Children’s Hour

Davey and Bongo are sort of sad!

Fan art by Kristofer Straub!

The Children’s Hour of Knowledge is a fun, learning-centered weekly audio program intended for kids of all ages! Except kids whose age is less than eighteen. It stars Profoctor Davey, a sullen, aging and thoroughly underqualified instructor, and his cohost Bongo McTweedlepants, a shabby felt puppet who is overqualified but also having a tough time in the puppet job market. Joining them each week is a guest puppet intended to help them tackle a new sea in the fascinating ocean… of children.

I mean, knowledge.

Stephen Heintz – Co-Writer, voice of Bongo, voice of Guest Puppets

Stephen is a married twentysomething. His apartment does not allow pets; otherwise he would have some kind of huge, inconvenient dog.

For a little psychological insight into the mind of Stephen, consider the following fact: in the previous paragraph, he referred to himself as a “twentysomething” so that he wouldn’t have to remember to edit this bio until he turns thirty.

In a perfect world, he would like to do silly voices for a living.

Brendan Adkins – Co-Writer, voice of Profoctor Davey
Creator of Anacrusis

Brendan is a white male web developer in his late twenties, living in Portland, Oregon, and trying hard to fit even more squarely into a stereotype. When he’s not channeling Davey’s depression, he’s writing 101-word stories every weekday or lazily wondering whether he should learn some of that newfangled Ajax.

In a perfect world, Brendan would be swiftly hunted down by those determined to keep it that way.

Due Diligence
Theme music contains a clip from “Across the Sky” by McGivern, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license.