About the Children’s Hour

The Children’s Hour of Knowledge is a podcast, for you! It is usually around six minutes long. It has jokes in it, which are not appropriate.

The show follows the ups and downs of Profoctor Davey and his puppet pal, Bongo McTweedlepants, as they struggle to produce an educational children’s radio show. Will they succeed in the face of horrible guest puppets, an army of the undead and severe mental illness? No, they will not. They will always fail.

Most of the art you see on this site is the fantastic work of Bill Mudron. Some of it is by other brilliant and talented people, and lives on our fan art page! You should go admire these people, and possibly offer them money or food.

A fun thing to do is to listen to the entire show from the beginning, so all the running jokes make sense! First Davey had to cure the computer, then Wolfman Mozart sang the music of the spheres. An audience with the the aristocracy led to some staffing changes, just in time for a little “upstairs downstairs” when Thaddeus von Wiggletrousers visited to plug his vastly superior show. After nearly becoming tasty morsels for the first local zombie invasion, the boys celebrated their independence. The ghost of a famous troubadour revealed a few skeletons in the closet between Davey and producer Terry, and both production intern Nick and Bongo had some family matters to deal with.

Bongo had a run-in with an ex of an ex, and Davey and Terry hit a relationship rough patch as well. Despite self-medication and awkward reunions, Davey kind of lost it for a while there, snapping out of it just in time to receive some shattering news.

Things just weren’t the same for either Bongo or Davey after that, no matter what they tried to fill the void. There wasn’t much to be thankful for that year, until at last the old crew got back together again, and all was finally correct. Then they hired a sex worker.

After mostly surviving a great big Christmas reunion, the boys had the great honor of a figure from their past, followed by a ghost of the present. Even after being exonerated for that one, they had a slight run-in with the law, but at least they made a new friend in the process! Well, enemy, actually. Davey tried to help Bongo break some bad habits, and Bongo learned a little too much about Davey’s heritage.

The crew tried real hard to straighten up and fly right, but couldn’t help being drawn back into conflict… rap conflict. They made a brave showing, just in time for Bongo to get some startling family news, but still lost their old haunt to a despicable gang of scoundrels.

Nothing keeps the Children’s Hour of Knowledge down for long, though. Back on the radio, under the radar, what new challenges will they face and flee from in SEASON THREE? Only time will fail! Tell. I meant tell.

The CHK was created back in 2008 oh god by Stephen and Brendan. Our theme music contains a clip from “Across the Sky” by McGivern, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license.