Episode 35: The Digestive System and Brachiation

What’s for dinner? Or, perhaps we should be asking–what WAS for dinner? That’s the “mystery” afoot at the Pirate Broadcast Center, but don’t worry: Davey, Bongo, and a special surprise guest are “just in case!”

This podcast contains samples from the Free Sound Project by–get ready–adcbicycle, Alvinwhatup2, CastIronCarousel, oxymore, Benboncan, dobroide, payattention, BMacZero, ecfike, Project_Trident, danieldouch, lolamadeus, Eneasz, LampEight, bulbastre, FreqMan, XxBirdoxX, scriptique, amsempl (several more times), swimignorantfire, videog, CastIronCarousel, abbahoot, and TicTacShutUp.