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Episode 27: Nightmares and Canada

Smells like poutine spirit! Been a while since we had a guest puppet from beyond our borders, eh? Let’s “agree” to “freely” “trade” some “Americanism” with our neighbors from the… knowledge!

This podcast contains a sample from the Free Sound Project by RobinHood76.

Episode 20: Sweaters and Checkbooks

The weather outside is frightening, but it’s getting hotter by the minute in the Treehouse! Come on in and “suck our brains” as Davey and Bongo take a little two-on-one time with a working… professional!

Featuring special guest Dylan Meconis of Family Man!

Behind the Actors Studio: Stephen Interviews Brendan

Can it be? The complement to last week’s show?! The interrobang demands an affirmative, dear listener–Stephen pins Brendan down for over twelve minutes of moist, hot interrogation in this groundbreakingly late nonepisode!