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Episode 15: Puppies and Motorcycles (Season 1 Finale)

Highway chases! Hunger strikes! Stabbing, magic powers and incredible truths revealed! You’ll find it all here as an incredible guest arrives to end our season with an… exclamation mark!

(This episode uses samples from the freesound project: 1, 2, 3 and 4.)

The CHK will return in just a few weeks–meanwhile, get ready for intermittent episodes of Stephen and Brendan rambling in… Behind the Actors Studio!

Episode 14: Paternity and Bad Feelings

Bang goes the gavel! Matronly Margaret returns to help Bongo and Davey sit in judgment of… you!

Be sure to tune in next week for our big season finale!

Episode 12: Pharmaceuticals

Don’t be a “chill pill!” Come along with Davey and Bongo to explore the wonders of modern pharmacology… it’s a “trip!”

This episode contains an extra-long excerpt from our theme song, “Across the Sky,” used under a Creative Commons Attribution license.

Episode 11: Babies

What happens when Davey, Bongo and special guest Matronly Margaret take a journey deep into the mysteries of where babies come from? You might end up feeling a little… gross!

Episode 7: Ghosts and Ouija Boards

What happens when you mix a guest puppet who’s pure American legend with a few questions about the spirit world? The answer might just… spook you!

Episode 6: Independence Day

Profoctor Davey and Bongo extend a knowledge hug all the way across the (Atlantic) Ocean, as guest puppet Thaddeus von Wiggletrousers returns for a special tribute to our Independence… Day!

Episode 2: Music and Composting

Bongo and the Profoctor join their new pal Wolfman Mozart in investigating the beauty of the universe… from the greatest crescendo, to the tiniest helpers in your “back yard!”

Episode 1: Viruses and Nouns

It’s time for a “time trip” back in time! How would our last season have begun if only those meddling so-and-sos hadn’t cut, padded, finagled and bamboozled their way all over our artistic vision? Now we can know! Join Davey and Bongo as they reveal a first episode that doesn’t… suck!